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Frizz 1.20 + Wine Cellar Bundle
Frizz 1.20 versatile desk wit country design
Frizz 1.20 versatile desk wit country design
Frizz 1.20 + Wine Rack Bundle
Frizz 1.20 + Wine Rack Bundle
Wine Rack with country design
Wine Rack with country design and glass
Iron feet detail
Frizz drawer detail
Frizz TV Stand with country chic design
Bud Wine cellar
Frizz 1.20 sketch
Color Sample

Frizz 1.20 + Wine Rack Bundle

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This Bundle includes two furnitures, the elegant Frizz 1.2 and the Wine Cellar, all in Natural Wood Color with metal feet and industrial / country design.

Frizz 1.2: 

Elegance should be the second name for Frizz 1.2. It has a sliding door with internal shelves and metal legs in an exclusive and exquisite design. The innovative laser-cut design gives your environment a special charm. Produced with particle board with a perfect U.V. finish, it's a piece of furniture with guaranteed durability and resistance. Holds up to 50" screen panel. Versatile furniture with a functional and unique style. Versatile TV stand with laser designed mosaic and metal legs. DETAILS: Laser cut design, one drawer, metal slides, black iron feet, and a sliding door.

Wine Rack

The Bud Wine Cabinet features an exclusive wine cork shadow box. Its wired structure holds 08 bottles. It is available in Natural color and iron legs that suit perfectly any space in your house.

Frizz 1.20 TV Stand Wine Rack
Height 29.6 in. 22.83 in
Width 77 in. 18.89 in
Depth 12.9 in. 14.17 in